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Romanian Nautical College

First Swedish students enrolled in our programmes already!

Romanian Nautical College is the only European satellite of Tyne Coast College, the longest (est. 1861) and most prestigious naval college in England. If you wish to become a merchant navy officer, Deck or Engineering, with a British license, you may choose to study the 1st year in our college in Constanta, Romania, and the 2nd year in South Shields, England. Additional 12 months of sea service on board of international ships are included in our offer. Students enrolled in 2018 will have zero tuition fee in the 2nd year, benefiting from the UK educational loan! Choose the 1st year in Romania to meet a friendly and picturesque country and get a better financial balance.

Small classes (max. 15 students), English teaching environment, British accreditation – the best educational standard in maritime industry.

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Universitets- & högskoleutbildning
Fordon / Transport
Sjöfart / Navigation Ort
Marine Engineering Constanta
Nautical Studies Constanta

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Romanian Nautical College

Str. Lebedei nr. 1
900746 Constanta

Tel: +40753535353

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