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Educations in English in Sweden

Educations in English in Sweden

There are a lot of educations in Sweden that are given in English. These educations would suit foreign students that wants to study in Sweden, but can also be a good way for a Swedish student to improve their English or a student that has their eye on an international career.

Different types of educations in English in Sweden

In Sweden you’ll find most of the English educations at a university, and you can choose which level to study; bachelor or master’s. But their are different types of educations you can choose from as well!

Vocational universities (yrkeshögskola, YH-utbildning)

Some educationas in English are also given at vocational universities. Vocational universities offer a post-secondary form of education that combines theoretical and practical studies in close contact with different employers and industries. Here you can see all the educations in English that are given at a vocational university!

Colleges (folkhögskola)

You can also study some educations in English at a college. A college is a form of post-secondary education where boarding is usually offered.

Vocational training och professional training (yrkesutbildning)

Vocational training includes courses and educations where you usually have to pay for your education (student loans or benefits won’t cover this type of education).

You’ll find all educations in English in Sweden above. Good luck with your studies!

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