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Recensioner av Beetroot Academy

Snittbetyg: 4,1

Baseras på 17 recensioner.

Antonia Massara

I like the intensive practice in the program

Linna Yinloch
Sara Majava

I enjoy learning something completely new and fun. It would be good to have more focus on Javascript, less HTML and CSS.

Erik Nilsson

I enjoy solving programming problems. I got a job in tech after completing the course

Mikaela Söhnchen

The course was Ok, I liked the speed we learned new things

Cecilia Vakaloudi

I totally would recommend this course. The last project using an API, made me realise how much I had learnt and was a lot of fun.

Stefanie Bäfvenberg

I would totally recommend this course. The best part was all the helpful tips and insights. I would have prefered to not have lectures durint the weekends

Melody Vikström

Learning the basics from professionals was the best part of the course, I would altought like to have more time on javascript

Zeyad Gomaa

The schedule for the clasess were good but I would have liked to have more useful materials. The teacher was Ok

Tove Arrelid

I liked learning more about agile and getting comfortable with the methodologies, it inspired me in my job. Altough I believe the same amount od content could be held in a shorterst time

Rafael Aldana

The teacher was very knowledgeable and kept the audience active and interested. I'm continuing working in the same company but my income have increased

Nora Kristensson

I like the content from the program specially the nej world of coding. I would have liked to have more time to study and not stress through it all

Oana Mihalciuc

I liked my teacher but I would have prefer to have in person classes

Fuad Aman

The course was practical and not too much theoretical. We learnt how to code, but not really how to get it published. would be great if you would learn future students that. After finishing the course, I continue to developing my startup.

Oskar Rosenqvist

I had a great teacher, Sergey :) . I got a job in tech after finishing the Python's course

Markus Westerlund

The best part of the course was the teacher, Sergey!

Peter lagerquist

Personal teachers and its always fun to learn useful skills. Altohough the teacher could improve the teaching part of photoshop

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