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Nod Coding Bootcamp

Nod Coding Bootcamp

Data Analytics Coding Bootcamp

At our immersive onsite bootcamp in Stockholm you will learn Python, SQL and applied Machine Learning in a small classroom setting. During the 400 hours of coding, you will be learning the most sought after and up-to-date technologies out there. After having acquired the hands-on programming skills to solve real world problems, you will be an Autonomous Coder - Ready to land your dream job in tech.


If you pass the first interview, the next and final step will be an online technical assessment with one of our teachers. If you pass it, you're in.


We start at 9am and finish at 6pm every Monday to Friday. The day starts with an interactive coding lesson where our lead instructor will walk you through new coding concepts. After lunch you will do labs containing challenging exercises based on what you learned from the lesson.​Throughout the Bootcamp you will also work on your own coding projects, solving problems of your choice. In doing so you will grow your autonomy as a coder and build a kick-assportfolio to showcase for employers.


Upon graduation, you will be ready to land your dream job in tech. You will have coded for 400 hours which arms you with the most crucial skill a coder can have: The ability to teach yourself new programming concepts on the fly.​

We call it becoming an Autonomous Coder.

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Data / IT
Data Science Utbildningsform Längd Ort
Data Analytics Coding Bootcamp Klassrum 10 veckor Stockholm

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Workshop - 🎮 💻 Learn the Basics of Python and Build a Game in 60 minutes! 🕹️ 🎲

Do you want to learn to code but are unsure of where to start?
Then, let this free introductory online coding workshop be your first step. We have designed the workshop to be both entertaining and intuitive, and you are going to be amazed by what you will be able to do in 60 minutes.

On Wednesday 17:00 (CET), we will walk you through concepts like loops, if-statements, data types and data structures. At the end of the workshop we are going to use these concepts to build an interactive game. Python is an incredibly versatile and popular programming language that is the perfect first language to learn as it is so easy to get started and get going. That is to say, no prior coding knowledge is required. The only thing you need to bring to this beginners workshop is:

  • A Google account
  • Internet connection
  • A charged computer

Wednesday 27th October
17:00 (CET)

Sign up through the LinkedIn link below and we'll invite you to a Google Meet!
Link to sign up

Heads up! Spots are limited

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Datum:   2021-10-27    Tid:   17:00   Till öppet hus


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Nod Coding Bootcamp

Tegelbacken 4
111 52 Stockholm

Tel: +46762196896


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Robin Falconer
This bootcamp is challenging, intense and info-packed but also very rewarding! As I have had friends attending the bootcamp before me, I had high expectations beforehand - all of these were exceeded due to the curriculum being up to date and very balanced. I especially liked the combination of codealongs, labs and projects that challenged the co...
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I had no previous experience with coding, but have long felt the need to fill this gap in order to maximize my scientific output. This have been a great, intense and comprehensive start in the world of code, big data and machine learning. The bootcamp quickly becomes a peer-to-peer learning-like experience which I thoroughly enjoy and recommend....
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Lisa Tegner
Attending Nod Coding Bootcamp has been a great opportunity for me to become an autonomous coder. The curriculum is highly relevant with regards to what is expected from a data analyst today. Looking back to day one, I find it amazing how much I have learned during these 10 weeks. The days have been increasingly challenging and the teachers are a...
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Baseras på 20 recensioner.
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