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Computer Science, Master's Programme

Göteborgs universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
120 hp
Startdatum: Höst 2019 - Göteborg

Computer Science, Master's Programme

Would you like to combine thorough thinking with rapid experimentation? Would you like to see your thoughts in action? Would you like to have great freedom when choosing courses? If yes, then the Computer Science Master's programme is the programme for you!

Computer Science is actually much more about computation than it is about computers. At its core, it is the science of programming. Computer Science studies the general powers and limitations of computing, the design and characteristics of hardware and software, and the solving of problems in applications of computers. There is more to Computer Science than programming, and there is more to programming than most people think.

We offer a broad Master's programme in Computer Science that is closely connected to high quality research. You will have great freedom and flexibility in choosing courses that match your interests across a wide range of areas, including: Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Data Communication, Dependability, Digital Systems, Distributed Computing, Hardware Verification, Interaction Design, Logical Methods, Machine Learning, Networks, Real Time Systems, Parallel Computing, Program Analysis, Programming Languages, the Science of Programming, Security, and Software Engineering. These are areas where we have strong, internationally recognised research groups which are the driving force behind the education.

The education addresses a wide range of questions: from properties of electronic devices to the character of human reasoning, from individual design components to globally distributed systems, from fundamental understanding of computation to highly pragmatic, applied research. You will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for a successful professional career in a wide variety of information technology areas, both in industry and in academia. In particular, the programme enables you as a future IT professional to conceive, design, and implement systems which work correctly, are maintainable, and reliable.

After graduation you will be highly qualified to work as a programmer, systems architect, system developer, and project leader, or to undertake research in Computing Science. Our emphasis in modelling, design, and on conceptual abilities will provide you with a great flexibility, so that you can adapt to emerging and evolving job markets. International and local industry appreciate the high skills and broad profile of our former students. Companies employing holders of a Computer Science degree include: Ericsson, Tibco, Jasper, Starbreeze, Apple, Google, and many more.

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Kandidatexamen på 180 hp inom datavetenskap eller motsvarande. Examensarbete (självständigt arbete) om minst 15 hp. Minst 15 hp programmering och minst 7,5 hp diskret matematik / diskreta strukturer eller motsvarande. Engelska 6 / Engelska B eller motsvarande.

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Göteborgs universitet

Göteborgs universitet

Göteborgs universitet

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