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BAS P / BAS U web exam English Onlineutbildning / Distansutbildning

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BAS P / BAS U web exam English Onlineutbildning

BAS P / BAS U web exam English Onlineutbildning / Distansutbildning

BAS P / BAS U - Certificate of the day

  • Download your BAS P / BAS U certificate within 2 hours.
  • All course literature includes the price in the form of downloadable PDF files.
  • See the list below under the tab "Contents"

Online exam

The BAS P / BAS U exam consists of two parts. The first part is a total of 23 basic questions regarding BAS P/ BAS U (Coordinators for safety and health matters at the project preparation stage / execution stage). You need to have at least 20 correct answers to pass. When you have passed the first part you can continue to part 2. You have 30 days to complete your exam. During the 30 days you can log in and do the exam as many times as you like.However, you cannot cancel the exam, log out, and continue where you left off. At each login period you must end the part you started to see your results.

Part two is 9 specific questions about the safety and health plan. To pass you need to have all 9 correct answers.
All answers to the questions can be found under the tab “Links English”. You will get access to that link when you receive the username and the password to the exam.

The exam will take about 2-8 hour to complete depending on previous knowledge, computer skills and work experiences.

You will have 30 days to complete the exam. During that time you can login as many times you need.
Login info will be sent to you as soon as we receive your payment.

NOTE: This web exam is NOT a course. It is an exam based on independent studies.


You can download your certificate to your computer, tablet or mobile directly after the exam.


What is included in the price?

  • Web exam BAS P / BAS U.
  • 13 pcs. downloadable brochures / pdf files. See the list below
  • Certificate after completed exam.

Price: 2 200 SEK (25% VAT is added)

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Who can take the exam?

Regardless of which industry you work in, our BAS P / Bas U is just right for you who need a Base P / Bas U - certificate of competence to enclose a quote or to show off to enter a construction site.


Discount for at least 5 participants.

If you order the course for several participants you can get a discount! The following discount system applies from 5 participants on the same invoice:

    5 participants - 10%
  10 participants - 20%
  30 participants - 30%
  50 participants - 40%
100 participants - 45%
200 participants - 50%
500 participants - 65%


Brochures and pdf files included in the price. Just to download.

  1. Building and civil engineering work provisions - AFS 1999:3
  2. Chemical Hazards in the Working Environment - AFS 2011:19
  3. Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders - AFS 2012:2, provisions
  4. First aid and crisis support - AFS 1999:7
  5. Ladders and Trestles - AFS 2004:3
  6. Organisational and social work environment - AFS 2015:4
  7. Scaffolding - AFS 2013:4
  8. Systematic Work Environment Management - AFS 2001:1
  9. Use of Personal Protective Equipment - AFS 2001:3
  10. Use of work equipment - AFS 2006:4
  11. Use of lifting devices and lifting accessories - AFS 2006:6
  12. Violence and Menaces in the Working Environment - AFS 1993:2
  13. Workplace design - AFS 2009:2


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