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Games Marketer - Diplomkurs - Online

Changemaker Educations
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Games Marketer

Games Marketer - Diplomkurs - Online

The games industry needs marketers to grow!

Learn the key marketing skills needed to work in the fast growing games industry - Brand & Product Marketing, User Acquisition, ASO and more!

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Futuregames Games Marketer is a new diploma course developed in close collaboration with the Swedish Games industry – to give you the skill set you need to start working within marketing and communications at a gaming studio or other games related company.

The games industry in Sweden increased with 33 % in 2018, and is set to keep on growing. Swedish gaming studios are in need of more games marketing talent to keep on growing and competing globally, but are currently having a hard time finding the right skill set in Sweden. Enter Futuregames Games Marketer diploma course!

The course has been designed in collaboration with marketing professionals from Star Stable Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Avalanche Studios Group, Electronic Arts, Hazelight Studios, Resolution Games, Fast Travel Games, Toca Boca, SYBO Games, Coffee Stain Studios, Mojang Studios, and MAG Interactive.

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Application procedure

How do I apply to the course?

Apply by filling out the application form on our website.

The application should contain;

  • Your name, email, address, your country of residence, and years worked in the marketing and/or communications industry
  • Links to your Linkedin and/or portfolio website

You will receive an invoice following your application. the course fee needs to be paid prior to the starting date.

What do I need to apply?

Since the lectures will be in English, Eng 6 / B or equivalent knowledge is required.

Furthermore, at least two years of related professional experience is required to be accepted to the course. By related we mean experience within the communication and / or marketing field.

Please upload your diploma from high school, CV / personal letter or any other certificates that shows your experience within communications and/ or marketing.

Special test for selection of applicants 

If the amount of eligible applicants exceeds the amount of available seats on the course, a selection will be made based on a special test (särskilt prov) consisting of 6 questions.

The test is voluntary and will be scored. Answering the below questions will increase your chances of being admitted to the education. We currently have 30 available seats. The test consists of six questions and is a self assessment. Think about your past experiences and knowledge that is relevant for the course. 

Good luck!


Your answers should be as short and insightful as possible. A maximum of half an A4 per questions and a maximum of five (5) pages in total (with a font size of 11 points). If there are areas you have not been in contact with earlier, you don’t need to answer that/those question(s).

  1. What past experience / knowledge do you have of games and/or gamification?
  2. What past experience / knowledge do you have of marketing strategies?
  3. What past experience / knowledge do you have of product analysis?
  4. What past experience / knowledge do you have of marketing analysis?
  5. What past experience / knowledge do you have of App Store Search Optimization and/or Search Engine Optimization?
  6. Why do you want to be accepted to ’Games Marketer’ at Changemaker Educations / Futuregames?

Course content

The course runs for ten weeks and is split up into five course modules: Marketing and Gamification, Brand and Product Marketing, UA / User Acquisition & Consumer insight, Mobile Games and ASO (App Store Search Optimization), and Project – Marketing plan.

At Futuregames Games Marketer you learn hands-on from industry professionals and gain skills such as;

  • Gamification as a communications and marketing method
  • Brand and Product marketing within the game industry
  • The importance of User Acquisition strategies and consumer insight methodologies
  • Understanding of Mobile Games and App Store Search Optimization(ASO) to grow a gaming app’s success on mobile app stores.
  • Live-pitching techniques
  • Marketing plan methodologies and strategies for the game industry
  • A deeper understanding of marketing roles within the game industry

Course structure

  • Marketing and Gamification 2 weeks
  • Brand and Product Marketing 2 weeks
  • UA / User Acquisition & Consumer insight 2 weeks
  • Mobile Games and ASO (App Store Search Optimization) 2 weeks
  • Project – Marketing Plan 2 weeks

Course setting

At Futuregames we believe in a learning by doing methodology. Learn hands-on from game industry experts and build valuable insights and experience through peer-to-peer collaboration and live-pitching assignments in front of game studios. The Games Marketer course is fully remote and welcomes both national and international students.

Gain access to pre-recorded lessons for each course module, brought to you straight by game industry professionals.

Live sessions with tutors, mentors and peers to dig deeper and discuss different marketing methodologies and strategies each week.

Live Q&A sessions with industry professionals on the knowledge hub lessons. Peer-to-peer reflection sessions to gain deeper understanding of the learnings

Each course module contains an industry-designed group assignment to help you gain  understanding of real marketing challenges and tasks that game studios are faced with. Get feedback on your work and ideas through live-pitching sessions in front of industry professionals.

Plan your own time

The Games Marketer course runs remotely at 50 % speed, and we estimate you’ll need roughly 15 – 20 hours per week to complete the course.

Each week will contain a mix of scheduled live sessions and pre-recorded knowledge hub sessions of approx. 10 hours. You should be able to commit 5 – 10 hours per week to group assignments and live-pitching sessions.


Pivoting to a career in games marketing

Felipe comes from a long and solid background in marketing and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Despite having a successful career in FMCG, he had always wanted to work in the games industry. But, switching industries just like that wasn’t as easy as one might think. All of a sudden Future Games launches one of the first Games Marketing  courses in the world. Felipe enrolls, and the rest is history. So, how did it all happen?

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