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2005-09-20 22:28   ses
We have a room available for rent from 1.oktober. The Flat is 200m2 and the room is 20m2 situated at Indre Nørrebro, very close to the lakes and st.hans torv and right across the street from Netto. The flat is shared by 5 people (including me). Its a friendly happy bunch of people who have respect for privacy. I have been living with these guys for the last 2 years. I am now moving out and into a new flat with my lady, but i know im going to miss this place a lot, not only for the people but also the location. Now, The flat is on Nørrebrogade 34 3tv, but the room has a window facing a backyard which makes it less noisy than the ones facing Nørrebrogade. We have a large livingroom with tv and a sofa group aswell as a dinner table. The kitchen has a fridge (that i just broke, but ive ordered a new one), a freezer, a microwave oven, regular oven and cups and plates that we share, but you can also have private ones. Theres a toilet speparate to the shower, and we have ADSL internet (2mbit) on every room including the livingroom. The monthly rent is 3321,- and the deposit is 14907,- (this is for the 3 months deposit aswell as a 3 month bankguarantee that our landlord demands from us), offcourse this is money you will get back if you decide to move. If you want to have a look at the place, just reply to this email or call me on +45 23900034, we all speak english and danish.

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