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2005-09-14 23:46   Audrey
Hi everybody! You are coming to Paris to study for a year, maybe more? You need a place to stay, a flat to rent? You are open minded and would like to share a flat with other people from other countries for an international experience? If you are a sociable, reliable, and happy person who enjoy life and who'd like to meet new people and have fun with, i have a proposition for you. I'm a french girl, 20 years old, studying at Nanterre Université ethnology and history, and i've been renting a small studio in Paris for a year...alone. That was expensive, hard, and boring for me who are used to live with many people! So i decided to find a biggest flat in Paris or in the suburbs and share it with other students coming from anywhere in the earth from october. About the flat: i don't have it yet, but in any case it will be a house in the suburbs, since big flats in the center of Paris are rare and too much expensive. I already visited many houses, and maybe i got one, with 8 rooms! If you are interested , if this idea sounds nice to you, just write me back, I will give you more informations. hope to hear from you soon , future flatmates! Email: Audrey.

Ang: International colocation In Paris!!
2005-10-19 11:37   kerstin
Hi Audrey! I'm a swedish student going to Paris in Jan -06. I will be studing french at Sorbonne. I'm looking for a place to stay, to share an apartment or rent a room. So what happend with your plans? Did you find somewhere to live, or are you still looking for flatmates? I'm 22 years old by the way... Kerstin

Ang: International colocation In Paris!!
2005-10-20 16:14   audrey
Hi Kerstin! I'm now living in a very nice house in the suburbs, with 4 other students from germany, hungary , france and Canada, and it's actually very nice! The athmosphere is awesome, I'm very happy with this colocation! Maybe One of my colocataire will move on january, but he 'd really like to stay longer, so I don't know if you would join us... But for sure, you can stay at our place until you find a another place to stay, we always have many guests from hospitality club & coucsurfing, so we are used to and really enjoy it! If you need help with anything when you arrive in France, feel free to ask me! here is my email adress: Have a nice day!

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