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Master of Science in Fintech (Campuses)

EIT Digital Master School
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
Budapest, Madrid, Milano, Nice, Rennes, Trento
2 år
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Master of Science in Fintech (Campuses)

Study Fintech (FT) at EIT Digital!

Digital technology and finance have been inextricably linked for decades, but we are entering a new era. Technologies like machine learning, data analytics, biometrics or blockchain are creating new possibilities to address credit and risk management, identity management, information security, secure payments or portfolio management. The full impact on the banking and insurance sectors is yet to be seen, but the impact on every aspect of our lives can still be only imagined. Imagine for example: what will be the impact on businesses when customers can pay anytime, anywhere, using only biometric information?

The new Fintech programme at the EIT Digital Master School is designed to provide graduates with a holistic skill set, a cross-functional perspective and an entrepreneurial mindset that will enable them to lead organisations in this new paradigm. They will not only be able to imagine these new technology applications, but to develop them and bring them to market

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Admission requirements

If you wish to apply to this program you must have a Bachelor of Science in, or be in your final year of studies of:

  • Computer Science
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Electrical Engineering / Electronics
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Informatics
  • Business administration and Finance (with a strong component on computer science)

Reasonable knowledge of the fundamentals of computing and information sciences and technologies.

Kindly note that relevant work experience can compensate a non-strictly matching bachelor's degree. Please justify your work experience in your motivation letter or resume. Once your papers are received, the selection committee will make the final decision on whether your bachelors and work experience are enough as prerequisites for the track you have applied for.

Proof of English proficiency 

All our programmes are taught in English.

As a result, applicants must provide proof of their English language proficiency. This is generally verified through an internationally recognized test such as TOEFL or IELTS. We advise all applicants considering submitting an application to take either a TOEFL or an IELTS test as they are accepted by all partner universities. Please note that the results of your test must be uploaded at the time of submitting an application. We will not accept late submissions of proofs of English proficiency. The following English proficiency scores are required:

  • IELTS 6.5, with no section lower than 6
  • TOEFL iBT 92 

Some of the universities accept additional tests or exemptions. Note that these exceptions are not accepted by all partner universities. Even though one university may accept some other test, your second preference entry or your preferred exit universities may not. For this reason, again, we urge all applicants to take a TOEFL or an IELTS.

How is the program structured?

All EIT Digital Master School programmes follow the same scheme:

  • Students study one year at an ‘entry’ university and one year at an ‘exit’ university in two of EIT Digital’s hot spots around Europe.
  • Upon completion, graduates receive degrees from the two universities and a certificate awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.
  • The first year is similar at all entry points with basic courses to lay the foundation for the chosen technical programme focus. Some elective courses may also be chosen. At the same time, students are introduced to business and management. During the second semester, a design project is combined with business development exercises. These teach how to turn technology into business and how to present a convincing business plan.
  • In between the first year and the second year, a summer school addresses business opportunities within a socially relevant theme.
  • The second year offers a specialisation and a graduation project. The gradation project includes an internship at a company or a research institute and results in a Master thesis with a strong innovation and entrepreneurship dimension.

Where can I study the programme?

Year 1 - Entry locations 

Choose between: 

  • ELTE in Budapest (HU)
  • UNITN in Trento (IT)
  • UCA in Nice (FR)
  • UR1 in Rennes (FR)
  • POLIMI in Milano (IT)
  • UPM in Madrid (ES)

Year 2 - Exit locations 

Choose between: 

  • ELTE in Budapest (HU)
  • UNITN in Trento (IT)
  • UCA in Nice (FR)
  • UR1 in Rennes (FR)

Tuition fees & scholarships

Please contact us to learn more about the partner universities, costs, courses and scholarships.

EIT Digital Master School

EIT Digital Master School

EIT Digital Master School is a collaboration between the best technical universities in Europe, top European research institutes and leading business organisations. We aim to forge entrepreneurial talents in digital innovation through outstanding education. By joining the Master School, you...

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Varför ska du välja EIT Digital Master School ?

  • Fast track to your career: get in touch with industry
  • Double degree Master’s programme with major in ICT and minor in E&I
  • International experience - study two years in 2 different European cities


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