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Change course

Väddö Folkhögskola
1-2 år
Startdatum: 2020-08-17 - Väddö
change course is an education for changemakers

Change course

Are you one of our 18 aspiring changemakers, crazy enough to think you can reform the world? (You can.)

Change course is an education for changemakers; individuals who feel that there are issues in the world which require immediate attention, and are ready to take action.

Receive tools to solve the problems of tomorrow 

Our mission is to provide the dreamers of today with the tools they need to solve the problems of tomorrow. Some say that dreaming is dead and that the days of great explorers have passed. We say that the dreamers of today have a responsibility and that dreaming has never been more important. There are problems in front of us, some so overwhelming that many choose to ignore them, but for those who dare to dream of solutions, no mountain is too high to climb.

Two intense years

Change course is comprised of two stand-alone years of full-time studies. This means that you can follow the full two-year program or take either of the two years independently – whatever suits your wants and needs.

Year 1 ­­– The Changemaker´s Toolbox

During the first year of change course our main focus is on building your toolbox – to experiment with tools and methods for changemaking out in the real world. To do this we construct our own social lab, complete with leadership, teams, processes and functions for continuous improvement.

During the year, we’ll learn about:

  • Starting and managing social labs
  • Issue mapping
  • Design thinking
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Organizational development
  • Presentation and pitching

Year 2 – Making Impact

The second year of the education has a slightly different format. The majority of the year will be centered around a major project of your own. This will give you the means to completely immerse yourself in an issue and a solution of your choice, with school staff supporting you every step of the way.

We focus on the following topics:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Design sprint
  • Networks and ecosystems
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Presentation and pitching
  • Marketing and branding

Our method

You will undertake the education together with a group of highly motivated changemakers from all over the EU. The working language is English, though all school staff members are also proficient in Swedish.

We believe that the best way to learn is to try. To experiment and fail; to learn from our failures. The school is a safe environment where expertise is plenty and the risks very manageable – we intend to make the best possible use of this fact.

As a participant in change course you will not only take part in the education, but also have an integral part in its development. It is important that the course fits you, as it would be a shame to try to change you to fit the course.

Opportunities after the course

There are many ways in which changemakers can make their impact. We can start a new business or non-profit. Or help transforming existing businesses to become more aware of how their behavior affect the world, and make that footprint a positive one. We can apply our methods and tools to serve the causes that are dear to us, whichever those causes might be.

One thing we’re fairly certain of is that when the course is over, you’ll leave with sharp problem-solving skills and be on a mission to change things for the better. This together with like-minded individuals, some of which who will be your friends for life.

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Så ansöker du

The education is classified as gymnasial adult education. This means that we’re looking for individuals who are at least 18 years of age, and who have completed an education at the elementary school level. However, we aim to keep the content level closer to what a university would deliver.

Admission requirement: Motivation

You do not need to have a solid idea of what it is you would like to focus your energy on during the education period, this is something we can explore together. What you do need is the motivation and energy to make a positive difference.

English skills

All lectures and workshops are conducted in English, meaning that conversational level understanding of the English language is a requirement for admission.


How to apply

Does the course sound interesting to you? Great!

To apply, submit your application on the schools website and send it to them via email or post. Together with the filled-in form, attach grades from previous educations as well as relevant work certificates and references. We also encourage you to attach any kind of material which would make a good case for selecting you as a participant.


If we choose to move forward with your application you will be contacted to book an interview, either onsite at the school or via video link.


Väddö folkhögskola and change course does not discriminate on nationality, age, gender, background, sexual orientation or disabilities. Except for our motivation to make a positive impact, diversity is what brings us together.


The education is free of charge for EU citizens. If you are not an EU citizen, please contact us to discuss your options before applying.

Swedish students will be granted funding and loan from CSN to cover costs of living. A similar situation is true for participants from some other countries. Contact the relevant authority in your country for more information. If needed we can consult directly with your case manager.

Housing: live on campus or off campus

If you choose to stay on campus, there is a monthly fee of SEK 4209 – 4747 (approx. EUR 400-450) per month depending on room standard. In this fee food is included from Monday breakfast until Friday lunch. The boarding facilities are complete with fully equipped kitchens for cooking during other times of the week.

If you decide to live off campus there is a fee of SEK 5460 (approx. EUR 520) per semester to cover lunch, coffee, and arrangements for special events.

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