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Data Analytics Coding Bootcamp

Nod Coding Bootcamp
10 veckor
50 000 SEK inkl. moms
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50 000 SEK

50 000 SEK



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Apply in time, spots are limited! 

At our immersive onsite bootcamp in Stockholm you will learn Python, SQL and applied Machine Learning in a small classroom setting. During the 400 hours of coding, you will be learning the most sought after and up-to-date technologies out there. After having acquired the hands-on programming skills to solve real world problems, you will be an Autonomous Coder - Ready to land your dream job in tech.

Nod Data Analytics Bootcamp consists of 3 Building Blocks:

FIRST BLOCK - Intro to Coding

In the first block we will work through the fundamentals of the Python language, including data types, data structures, loops, conditional statements and functional programming.

At the end of the block we will introduce powerful Python libraries such as Numpy and Pandas as well as dive deep into the world of SQL.

SECOND BLOCK - Big Data Analysis 

Here we will continue to work with Pandas and you will become an expert at cleaning, manipulating and analysing data. You will use Matplotlib and Seaborn to make powerful visualisations.

Finally, you will get hands-on experience in applying statistical concepts using Python, like T-tests, Bayesian A/B-testing and Regression Analysis.

FINAL BLOCK  - Machine Learning

By this time you are ready to be introduced to the world of Machine Learning, both Supervised and Unsupervised. You will learn to train, test and evaluate different Machine Learning models that you build, using real world datasets.

By the end of the Bootcamp you will be comfortable building your own Machine Learning pipelines.


For most people, learning how to code can be an overwhelming experience. It is difficult to know where to start and how to use what tools. Consequently, it is easy to get side tracked and spend hours on learning stuff that is of little to no use.

At Nod, founded in the beginning of 2020 at Norrsken Foundation, we know where to start and how to continuously build on previous programming concepts. This to give you the most effective learning experience possible. You will only learn what is really important and if you get stuck, our instructors are always there to help you out. We know that the proper way to learn to code is to write tons of code, and that is exactly what you will do at Nod. 

Join Nod Data Analytics Bootcamp, become an autonomous coder and land your dream job in tech.

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Apply through our webpage or through the "intresseanmälan" here and we will set up a first interview. If you pass the first interview, the next and final step will be an online technical assessment with one of our teachers. If you pass it, you're in.

Examen & Intyg

Throughout the Bootcamp you will work on your own coding projects, solving problems of your choice. In doing so you will grow your autonomy as a coder and build a kick-assportfolio to showcase for employers.​​

​Upon graduation, you will be ready to land your dream job in tech. You will have coded for 400 hours which arms you with the most crucial skill a coder can have: The ability to teach yourself new programming concepts on the fly.​

We call it becoming an Autonomous Coder.

Nod Coding Bootcamp

Data Analytics Coding Bootcamp

At our immersive onsite bootcamp in Stockholm you will learn Python, SQL and applied Machine Learning in a small classroom setting. During the 400 hours of coding, you will be learning the most sought after and up-to-date technologies out there. After having acquired...

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Nod Coding Bootcamp

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Entering this bootcamp with no knowledge at all but ended up with exceptional and solid skills in Python, SQL and Machine Learning. The weeks has been super intense but in the same time instructive! The teachers has been supportive and very knowledgeable in what they are doing. Applying for this bootcamp will boost your confidence to really be...
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Riktigt bra bootcamp för både totala nybörjare och de som redan har lite kött på benen. Många möjligheter att lära sig och förbättra sina kunskaper genom genomgångar, teorilektioner, labbar och individuella projekt. Tveka inte - sök!
Nod Bootcamp provides an excellent 10 weeks long educational program in Data Analysis. With a well-balanced mix of theory and application the bootcamp offers great opportunity to learn an incredible amount of theory, tools and techniques within a very short time frame. This bootcamp helped me adopt an analytic mindset and greatly improved my a...
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