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Masterutbildning i nanovetenskap

Lunds universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
120 hp
Startdatum: Höst 2022 - Lund

Om utbildningen

On the nanometre scale, concepts and tools of physics are relevant also in chemistry and biology, and the different disciplines can interact closely. Nanoscience is therefore characterized by a large degree of interdisciplinarity. The Nanoscience programme at Lund University has its scientific base in a physics description of nanoscale phenomena, but in addition to nanophysics you can, depending on your background and interests, choose to specialise in fields such as nanoelectronics, materials science or biophysics. The programme is part of NanoLund, one of the worlds leading nanoscience research centres. You will interact with cutting-edge research throughout the programme, starting in the first semester and building up to the Masters project. Moreover, by taking advantage of the wealth of courses offered by Lund University, you will be able to explore the cross-disciplinary nature of nanoscience.

Programme structure

As an introduction to the programme, the first semester consists of four compulsory courses, chosen to define the core of the programme and to give a platform for the following courses and thesis work. The compulsory courses include processing and analysis methods relevant for nanostructures as well as semiconductor physics and a quantum mechanical based description of nanoscale physics phenomena. The second and third semesters consists of elective courses which the students, in dialogue with the programme coordinator, combine into an individual profile according to interest and background. The programme is concluded with a Master thesis project, where the student is part of a research group and carries out an independent project. The Master thesis may also be performed in collaboration with industry.

  • Full list of courses in this programme:

Career prospects

After being awarded the Master degree, you should have the knowledge, understanding and independence to be able to contribute to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology in academic and industrial research and development. Further, you have the knowledge and understanding needed to be able to evaluate and incorporate nanoscience into products and applications of more traditional fields.

There is an increasing demand worldwide for people knowledgeable in nanotechnology. Nanoscientists are not only needed in specialised nanotechnology companies but also in more traditional industries, with more and more nanotechnology being incorporated into products. Due to the close connection to world-class research, the Masters programme also provides excellent preparation for doctoral studies and an academic career.

Så ansöker du

Avlagd kandidatexamen i naturvetenskap eller teknik. Den sökande måste ha fullgjort kurser i fysik motsvarande minst 40 högskolepoäng och kurser i matematik motsvarande minst 30 högskolepoäng. Kurserna ska inkludera kvantmekanik, elektromagnetism, fasta tillståndets fysik, flerdimensionell analys, linjär algebra samt Fourieranalys. Engelska 6.

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