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Masterutbildning i industridesign

Lunds universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
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Startdatum: Höst 2020 - Lund

Masterutbildning i industridesign

The Master's programme in Industrial Design focuses on three themes: Living and Behaviour, Form and Technology, or Man and Nature. The programme consists of individual industrial design projects, workshops and additional theoretical courses. You will participate in and contribute to the creation of knowledge within the field of design. By organizing exhibitions, seminars and workshops you will communicate your work and participate in the public debate. The School of Industrial Design offers you a creative environment with excellent workshop facilities. As part of a full-scale university, we can offer great opportunities for a multidisciplinary approach through cooperation with other faculties.

The curriculum consist of individual industrial design projects and mandatory common academics, which are drawn in from specialised faculties of Lund University. The industrial design projects are chosen from a given thematic repertoire, by modular combination from a selection within the thematic repertoire or by proposition of an individual theme within the framework of the thematic repertoire, monitored in coordination with an elected team of supervisors.

Students will become authorities in their chosen subject, whether in their conceptually creative, strategic or technical capacity. Above all, the Master's programme in Industrial Design encourages the in-depth debate and deliberation of the discipline.

  • Full list of courses in this programme:

Study trips

Study trips and exhibitions forms a natural part of the Master's programme in Industrial Design. Except for an introduction study tour in the start of the programme, all trips are optional. If a student is unable to participate in the optional activities, alternative assignments in Lund will be given.

  • Introduction study tour 4 days (mandatory) - takes place during study week 1, all cost covered by the programme.
  • Study tour NASA, Houston U.S. 2 weeks (optional) - normally during the third semester as part of one of the industrial design projects.
  • Exhibitions (optional) - normally three exhibitions outside Lund during year 1 or 2: Exhibition DMY (Berlin), Stockholm Furniture Fair (Sweden) and Milano Fair (Italy).

Please note: Field trips may be subject to cancellation/alteration due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as natural disasters and/or visa denial.

Career prospects

On completion of the Master's degree in Industrial Design, you will be well prepared to continue these discussions in whatever capacity you choose to work, be it designer, entrepreneur, design coordinator, manager or researcher, in the public or private sectors, in a team or as an individual. Graduates of the Master's Programme in Industrial Design go on to successful careers and can be found at brands such as Google, Ikea, Sony, Tetra Pak, Husqvarna, Haglöfs, Electrolux, H&M, and many more. The Master's Programme in Industrial Design also provides an excellent platform from which to continue studies at PhD level.

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