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Masterutbildning i digital arkitektur och framtidsutveckling

Lunds universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
120 hp
Startdatum: Höst 2022 - Lund

Om utbildningen

The Master's Programme in Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures is a programme at the intersection of architectural practice and research. It is part of an emerging community of computational designers and is taught in close collaboration with the bioDigital matter research lab and the construction robotics lab at Lund University.

The programme seeks to equip future architects with insights and skills that allow them to take part in shaping a new future: to become designers, creators and changemakers. Trends in technology and culture alike are leading to rapid societal change, and complex patterns and relationships are an increasingly important aspect of professional life. In the programme, students are trained to become transdisciplinary professionals that can uncover and engage complexity in the build environment and beyond.

The studies in Digital Architecture and Emergent Futures focus on emerging digital design processes that empower designers and are set to change the profession in profound ways. Students learn tools such as programming and parametric modelling and engage with digital fabrication methods including 3d printing and robotics. Through a multidisciplinary approach and research-by-design methodologies, the programme teaches, explores, and develops how to use such tools to become a responsible, proactive and accomplished architect.

Programme modules/courses

Semester 1: Spatial Experiments I (15 credits), Spatial Experiments I, Theory (7.5 credits), Creative Tools of Architecture (7.5 credits)
Semester 2: Spatial Experiments II (15 credits), Spatial Experiments II, Theory (7.5 credits), Programming for Architects (7.5 credits)
Semester 3: Computational Design Studio I + II (7.5 + 7.5 credits), Digital Theory (7.5 credits), Applied Robotics for Architects (7.5 credits)
Semester 4: Master Degree Project (30 credits)

Career prospects

After completion of the programme, students will be ready to work as architects, fulfilling the requirements of the EU directive on mutual recognition of diplomas in architecture. Students gain the skills to work in practice, using their knowledge in computational tools to work with tasks typical of the profession. In addition, alumni will have the expertise to work as specialist in computational design at architectural practices and elsewhere. The programmes emphasis in interdisciplinarity and innovation opens possibilities for students to work in many types of organisations, in Sweden or globally. Furthermore, students will be equipped to continue to doctoral studies at research centres across the world, with a solid footing in computation, writing and research by design.

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