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Masterutbildning i bioteknik

Lunds universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
120 hp
Startdatum: Höst 2022 - Lund

Om utbildningen

Biotechnology is a key enabling technology that offers strong innovation potential for the sustainable development of society. Research and development in biotechnology continue to improve processes and develop products that have profound impact on various sectors, such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food and feed, environmental remediation, as well as production of chemicals and biofuels.

Lund University is among the leading universities in the world for research and education in biotechnology. It is home to several world-renowned scientists who have strong links to the industry from large multinational companies to small enterprises based on research developed within our departments.

The Masters in Biotechnology is a broad programme covering scientific and technological aspects of biotechnology tools and processes for industrial production, biomedicine and environmental remediation, biocatalysts including enzymes and microorganisms, gene technologies for biocatalyst design, process monitoring, product recovery and process design. To prepare our students for their final semester Masters thesis, nearly all of our courses include practical exercises. It is therefore recommended that students who apply to this programme have acquired laboratory skills during their Bachelors degree.

  • Full list of courses in this programme:

After completing this programme, you will:

Have a high level of general skills in the various aspects of biotechnology processes. 
Have improved your communication skills by way of discussions and by practising written and oral presentations. 
Be able to suggest processing conditions for the industrial manufacturing of biotech products with regard to the production systems, choice of raw materials, biological catalysts, analytical tools, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Career prospects

Due to our close links with local and international industry, the programme is closely aligned to market needs, and there is a clear emphasis on the engineering aspects of biotechnology. During your studies, you will meet not only researchers at the departments but also guest lecturers from biotech companies working with, for example, product or process development and marketing. Your future job could be anywhere in the world in a small start-up or a large multinational company, a government authority or a university. Our alumni move on to roles within research and development, process operations, product development and sales.

The programme also provides an excellent foundation for continuing your studies at PhD level.

Så ansöker du

Avlagd examen med inriktning mot bioteknik, bioprocessteknik eller livsmedelsteknik. Den sökande måste ha fullgjort kurser i matematik/analys och mikrobiologi eller biokemi. Engelska 6.

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