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Preparing the next generation of digital creators

Whether you need to get a job in tech or launch your own business, Ironhack will help you achieve your goals. Join a global network of 800 plus peers and professionals across three world-class campuses.

We’ve had students from almost every continent! If you’re accepted into our program from abroad, we’ll help you find reasonably priced accommodations in the cities where our campuses are located. All of our cities are awesome places to come study abroad!

Do I need any programming/design skills or experience?

You’ll need to have a genuine interest in tech and coding, and be extremely motivated. The course moves very quickly and we’ll work tireless to make sure you don’t fall behind, but we need you to be engaged at all times. We want you to have had some sort of introduction to coding- whether it was an intro to programming in college, or an online course on one of the many available platforms such as Treehouse or Codecademy.

If you do have prior design experience, kudos! However, prior experience is not a requirement for admission to this course. That being said, what we do look for are good interpersonal skills. A great UX/UI Designer is a good listener, empathizer and communicator. Soft skills are critical; a designer who cannot work with others will not be able to bring his or her user empathy to solving the difficult, technical solutions for a product.

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