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Internationellt masterprogram i informationsteknologi och lärande

Göteborgs universitet
Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
2 år
Startdatum: Höst 2020 - Göteborg


Internationellt masterprogram i informationsteknologi och lärande

Do you want to understand how information technologies impact the ways we use knowledge and learn in schools, higher education, working life, and society? Do you want to become a leader in the planning, implementation and analysis, of emergent technologies for learning?

The International Master’s Programme in IT and Learning addresses the opportunities and challenges that emerging information technologies raise for learning across contexts from schools to museums to workplaces and beyond. The programme gives you the opportunity to work with leading researchers in the fields of learning sciences, educational studies, digital communication, informatics, and human-computer interaction in a vibrant community with small class sizes and a focus on hands-on seminar activities. Once accepted, you will join a diverse group of international students with a range of educational backgrounds and work experiences. You will develop knowledge that will help you to effectively work with the research, design and evaluation of programmes, learning products and educational environments informed by appropriate theory and empirical evidence. Graduates of the programme are equipped to understand and lead change as learning settings digitalize. They go on to a variety of exciting careers in educational institutions and industry or continue their education towards a PhD. Some work as researchers and analysts providing a critical perspective on the use of IT in learning settings, while others work to plan, develop and evaluate IT based initiatives. Whether you plan to work in educational institutions, industry, or pursue a career as a researcher, the International Master’s Programme in IT and Learning will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a professional profile that fits.

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Kandidatexamen på minst 180hp eller motsvarande. Dessutom krävs språkkunskaper motsvarande Engelska 6/Engelska B.


Urvalet baseras på bifogat CV och bifogad avsiktsförklaring (Statement of Intent). Ladda upp ditt CV och din avsiktsförklaring tillsammans med dina andra dokument (samma deadline som för din ansökan). Enbart ansökningar med dessa dokument uppladdade kommer att beaktas i urvalsprocessen. 


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