Antik och medeltida filosofi och klassisk filologi, masterprogram

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Avancerad nivå (Magister- och Masterexamen)
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History of Philosophy provides us with an understanding of the origin and development of scientific thought. The history of ancient and medieval philosophy of language and mind is largely understood to include ancient and medieval logic and semantics, theories of communication and argumentation, theories of knowledge, cognitive psychology, theories of mind, as well as their metaphysical foundations.

In addition to philosophical competence and a high level of methodological and historical sensitivity, linguistic skills in Greek and Latin and related auxiliary sciences such as paleography, codicology and textual criticism are essential tools for any student or researcher who wants to access the most influential texts in the development of Western thought directly and independently. Hence, as a scientific discipline, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy requires a set of essential skills that are becoming increasingly rare even on a global scale.

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Classical Philology: Masters Programme offers students the possibility to acquire these skills and to do so in a leading research environment. The programme has originated as a direct result of a major interdisciplinary research programme (see and is offered in close interaction with the research group and its international network of leading scholars and partner institutions.

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Kandidatexamen i något av ämnena teoretisk filosofi, grekiska, latin, Liberal arts eller motsvarande kompetens. Dessutom krävs språkkunskaper motsvarande Engelska 6/Engelska B.

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