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5 625 EUR inkl. moms
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14 oktober, 2023 se detaljer
5 625 EUR inkl. moms
Nästa startdatum
14 oktober, 2023 se detaljer
Från 5 625 EUR inkl. moms / person

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Om utbildningen

Study Parent Coaching at Schill Coaching AB!

The FamilyLab Diploma Course in Parent Coaching is designed for individuals who want to acquire effective coaching tools to work with parents. You will learn how to map and coach issues and desires that may arise in families. You will also gain practical experience with the necessary tools to move forward. The main focus is on investigation and process coaching aimed at helping both the individual and the family as a whole.

The training program enhances your relational competence.

During the training, we will familiarize ourselves with and gain a deep understanding of the concepts of self-esteem – self-confidence, integrity – cooperation, and personal – social responsibility. Additionally, we will explore the values that underlie the relational approach; equal dignity, integrity, authenticity, and responsibility.

The goal is that upon completion of the training program, you will feel truly confident to work as a coach. This is achieved through extensive theory, training, and personal development. You will receive assistance in packaging and pricing professional services.

Work as a parent coach in accordance to Jesper Juul’s theories and teachings.

Welcome to the Familylab Online Diploma Course in Parent Coaching – a unique training opportunity for individuals who are interested in coaching parents and couples. Our one year program has earned a FamilyLab International Coach Certification, ensuring that you’ll receive a top-quality education. Our Diploma Course in Parent Coaching is based on a dialogue-based approach with relational competence and the fundamental principles of coaching. We use course material from Jesper Juul’s teachings as well as the latest in the coaching field.


What you get
An internationally recognized coach certification. Eight modules of two days each (total of 16 days) Comprehensive course materials, models, and mentoring material.  Guidance and individual feedback on your 3 client cases Training with limited number of participants – a maximum of 18

What you will learn

To use coaching as an effective tool. To recognize and work with your own and others’ full potential. To change and improve relationships. To see opportunities and potential in the challenges you face. To coach individuals through a process. To coach families through a process. To coach couples. Group and team coaching. To conduct parenting courses, workshops and lectures.

Work as a parent coach according to Jesper Juul’s theories and teachings

Leave the expert role – instead help parents find the expert within themselves! You can use coaching when you encounter parents in your profession and want them to be their own best experts, finding their own answers and building confidence as parents.

Leave the responsibility where it belongs! Having a coaching approach in your profession when working with families and children also helps you not to become socially over-responsible and exhausted. A coaching approach helps both you and the person you are working with.

During the practical period, you will receive support from your trainers, peer coaching and supervision in your learning team.

The Diploma Course in Parent Coaching is built from many years of experience in family therapy and leadership coach training.

Teachers & Target Group

Target Group: This training is designed for those who work or want to work with parents and families in the fields of parenting support, preventive parenting support, family centers, schools, preschools, study associations, student health, care, social services, residential care homes or their own business.

We have previously completed the FamilyLab training.

Teachers: Åsa Schill Responsible trainer and coordinator for Family-Lab Sweden, Couple and Family Coach. Certified Coach, Step 1 therapist, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, Process leader.

Gregor Schill Experienced trainer in coaching leadership, Coach in mental training and performance psychology. ICC-, EMCC- and ABLC-trained Coach. Certified Mental Coach.

Anita Blom af Ekenstam Trainer and supervisor for Family-Lab Sweden, Family therapist and Marte Meo therapist.

Ulrika Kragell Trainer for Family-Lab Sweden, Certified Coach, Social worker, Family therapist.


Coaching with the highest quality!

For your and your clients’ safety, this training is quality-assured by the international professional organization FamilyLab. This means that upon completion of the training, you will work according to FamilyLab’s ethical guidelines, receive a FamilyLab Diploma, and become a part of FamilyLab coaching network where you will receive ongoing training and supervision to ensure the quality and development of your professional work, as well as marketing yourself as a coach.

Diploma Certification Requirements:

Attend all training sessions
Present 3 client cases
Complete 100 hours of intentional practice Write a reflection on yourself as a Parent and Family Coach
Read the course literature, which consists of six books.

Mandatory reading list, E-books included

No! by Jesper Juul
Raising Competent Children by Jesper Juul
Family Life by Jesper Juul
Here I am! Who are you? by Jesper Juul
Relation competence by Jesper Juul and Helle Jensen

Coaching: What, Why, How by Susanne Gjerde
Coaching with Mental Training by Lars-Eric Uneståhl and Gregor Schill
Coaching with mental training – the ideal combination
Mental strength – with Jan Owe Waldners tips for peak performance

Family-Labs Supervisory Manual for seminars
Course folder for coaching
Course folder for parent courses

The training program is both practical and theoretical. The 16 theoretical training days adhere to the highest professional standards. You will acquire all the models and theoretical knowledge you need to become confident in your role as a Parent Coach. Emphasis is also placed on the practical work to be done during the training period. To become certified, participants must demonstrate three logged coaching processes, understand the coaching approach, master coaching conversations, and, if possible, group and team coaching. This ensure that upon completion of the training, you will feel confident to work practically as a Parent Coach. You will also gain knowledge about when coaching is appropriate and in which cases parents need other help. If needed, we offer assistance in finding training clients.

Date & Registration


Module one: 14-15 October 2023
Module two: 11-12 November 2023
Module three: 13-14 January 2024
Module four: 24-25 February 2024
Module five: 23-24 March 2024
Module six: 27-28 April 2024
Module seven: 1-2 June 2024
Module eight: 21-22 September 2024


Registration is open until the group is fully booked. Register now to secure your spot.

Program structure

Practical preparation: Once we receive your application, we will send you two books so you can read and prepare before the program begins.

Module 1: Coaching in theory and practice. The role of the coach.

Module 2: Review of Jesper Juul’s analysis tools for internal existential well-being and external behaviors/symptoms.

Module 3: Process coaching. Professional coaching tools.

Module 4: Basic values for functional family community.

Module 5: Group and team coaching.

Module 6: Couple and family coaching. Overview and setup of parent courses.

Module 7: Certification days, presentation of client work.

Module 8: Review and setup of lecture manuals.


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