The Journey of Life: For women longing to walk & embrace life in the Spanish mountains

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Två kvinnor vandrar i Spanska bergen i Alicante nära hotell Alahuar.

Om utbildningen

Welcome to a journey that opens doors to imagination and sparks your innate powers. This is a workshop focused on existential health and wellbeing.

  • Are you ready to explore the purpose and meaning of your life?
  • Do you want to walk, contemplate, listen to music, and do art in amazing nature?
  • Are you longing for a life with more freedom and deeper contact with nature
  • You will meet other curious women on a quest for healing, meaning, and fulfilment.

We walk on ancient donkey trails in a land-scape filled with spring flowers, fragrant herbs, and old olive groves. Maybe we stop to contemplating under a shady almond tree. Or reflect by doing some creative work.

We take picnic lunches with breathtaking views and have dinners at the four-star Alahuar Hotel beautifully situated in the high mountains of Benimaurell.

The Journey of Life

We are remarkable beings who have the power to create vital lives and live with satisfaction, delight, and excitement. We all experience limits and challenges.

The aim of this workshop is to explore what creates meaning in your life. We will provide a permissive space for healing and sharing of life stories. And use imagination to invent new stories about who we are and want to become! We need each other. We grow in relationships and in contact with nature. This is a room for surrendering, releasing, and opening the heart to new adventures. Your body carries wisdom and guidance. Trust the creative life force to support your journey.

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You arrive at the hotel on April 29. We start every morning with guided music meditations and poetry. After breakfast we go for a mountain walk. Now and then we will stop to rest, maybe do some art, contemplate, and reflect. We speak Swedish and English.

Jeanne is a passionate guide who will take us into magnificent mountain landscapes. The tours will be of varying length. There will be one day of rest with space for arts, writing, and other relaxing activities. The last evening we will celebrate with a Grand Fiesta. Departure from the hotel on May 6.

We will do gentle yoga in nature, engage in various forms of arts media (no previous experience needed). This will ignite your intuitive powers and help you listen more deeply to your inner voice and calling at this point in life. We will engage in conversations focused on creating meaning and purpose. And also, play and have fun!

We are all different. During this workshop, you can choose to hike with us in the mountains for the entire tour, or walk a part of the route. You can sit under a tree, philosophize, listen to the pulse of life, and hear the song of your heart. Maybe you want to draw, dance, or write... Let this journey become a life-changing next step!

The Alahuar experience

Hotel Alahuar is a beautifully located four-star hotel in the small village of Benimaurell in the mountains between Alicante and Valencia. The setting is stunning. The view from the hotel is vast and breath-taking. In the distance, you can see the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Staying at Alahuar is an experience that opens the senses.

A rich breakfast buffet is served and for the walks, we bring a lunch package. In the evenings a well-prepared three-course dinner is served - Mediterranean cuisine.


We stay in charming double rooms in original Spanish architecture. Some of the rooms have two floors and a balcony. There are a few single rooms available. All rooms are individually designed and vary in size and layout.

Dina guider på resan

Your guides

Margareta: PhD, licensed psychotherapist, music- and expressive arts therapist and educator.

Margareta: She has conduced research on women's existential and sexual health using arts-based psychotherapy to address trauma and distress after cancer. She has worked with individual clients and facilitated groups for about 35 years. She trusts music to open expanded states of consciousness and spiritual experiences. She knows the arts are powerful paths to self-knowledge, profound change and healing. Margareta is dedicated to supporting women finding ways to live an authentic life with strength, vitality, and grace.

Jeanne: MA, biologist, nature educator, Waldorf teacher and hiking guide. 

She comes from Holland, fell in love with the Spanish culture and nature, where she has lived for 35 years. She has dedicated her life to teaching and founded a Waldorf school in Spain close to Altea. For many years she lived and worked at a spiritual retreat center. Jeanne is a devoted nature lover engaged in ecology. To her the mountains are sacred places. And she loves taking groups - especially women - to meet the mountains and experience the great teachings of nature.

Margareta and Jeanne have been close friends for over three decades.


Price includes

  • Six days of self-development and empowerment in amazing nature.
  • One individual session with Margareta on Zoom before the trip to prepare and set an intention for the work.
  • Guided walks and yoga with Jeanne.
  • Music meditations for exploration of consciousness with Margareta.
  • Art-activties to imagine, shape, and sharpen your purpose and vision.
  • Reflections with other women to deepen the experiences and connect.
  • Seven nights in a four-star hotel in spacious double rooms(there are a few single rooms, first come...).
  • Full board: breakfast, picnic-lunch, and three-course dinner (drinks not included).

You pay

EARLY BIRD ends February 28, 2023

Workshop + double room: 14 850 SEK (≈1370 EUR)

and single room: 15 750 SEK (≈1460 EUR)

From March 1, 2023

Workshop + double room: 15 950 SEK (≈1480 EUR) and single room: 16 750 SEK (≈1550 EUR)

Prices may change due exchange rate between SEK och EUR.

The deadline for booking is April 1, 2023. Spaces are limited

Travel information

You book and pay your own trip to Alicante. The trip from the airport to the hotel takes 1.5 hours by car.

Transfers to the hotel (around 50 euros for both ways) will be arranged for following flights by Norwegian Airlines: departing from Stockholm Arlanda April 29 at 14.30 arriving in Alicante at 18.30. Departure from Alicante to Stockholm on May 6 at 19.25.


Please get in touch with your guide, Margareta!

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