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Game Engines -Diplomkurs- Distans

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Futuregames Game Engines – Unreal Online Training

Game Engines -Diplomkurs- Distans

Learn how to use the Unreal Engine in an intense course led and mentored by professionals. 

What you will learn

The course runs for 12 weeks and comprises of two course modules,Introduction to Unreal Engine, Visual Programming and Prototyping Game Projects in Unreal. 

You will learn the following:

  • Game Engine architecture & structure from the ground up.
  • Visual programming using Blueprint from basics to advanced concepts.
  • Writing and computing shaders for AAA games.
  • Technical implementation of environmental design.
  • Create procedural tools.
  • Lighting and special effects.
  • Cinematic Tools and high-quality rendering.
  • Create beautifully rendered environments.

Our Learning Methodology

At Futuregames we believe in the “learning-by-doing” methodology. Learn hands-on from game industry experts and gain valuable insights and experience through peer-to-peer collaboration and industry relevant assignments. 

The Game Engines course is fully remote and welcomes both national and international students.

Gain access to pre-recorded lessons for each course module, brought to you straight by game industry professionals.

Live sessions with tutors, mentors and peers.

Plan your own time

The Games Engines course runs remotely at 50% study pace, and we estimate you will need roughly 20 – 30 hours per week to complete the course.

The course will contain a mix of pre-recorded knowledge hub sessions, scheduled live sessions, individual assignments and a group project towards the end of the course.

During the project weeks, certain days will be scheduled for presentations and feedback. 

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Application procedure

Apply by filling out the application form above (open by clicking ‘Apply now’)

To take this course you need to be fluent in English and previous knowledge in Programming is to your advantage.

This course is not CSN-eligible.

The application should include:

> Name, email, address, your country of residence.

> Social security number/personnummer/date of birth

> Links to your LinkedIn and/or portfolio website

> Description of yourself and how the course would benefit you

> CV

> Proof of English knowledge

Important: Please note that equipment and hardware is NOT included. We recommend to use a PC for the purpose of this course. 

If accepted to the course you will receive an invoice following your offer letter, the course fee is to be paid prior to the starting date.

Course content

Start date: 4th April 2022

End date: 22nd June 2022

Course modules:

-Introduction to Unreal Engine and Visual Programming (8 weeks)

-Prototyping Game Projects in Unreal (4 weeks)

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