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Futuregames Speldesign

Changemaker Educations
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Startdatum: 2020-02-17 - Stockholm
Sista ansökan: 2019-12-02

Futuregames Speldesign

Futuregames gamedesign

Get the experience you need to start working as a Game designer in the game industry. 

Whether it is leveldesign, gameplay design, scripting, QA or game production management that you are most interested in doing for games, this is the program that will get you into the industry with credibility through hands-on development experience. 


Application period Sept 06 – Nov 11, 2019 

Deadline for applying: 11th of Nov, 2019

Welcome to a MeetUp/Info-meeting the 24th of September at 5pm. You will then meet our students and staff and get answers on all your questions. Åsögatan 117, Stockholm.

  • Start working right after the education 
  • Located in Stockholm, SoFo 
  • Government funded with financial support from CSN 
  • 2 years (4 terms) starting 10th of September 2018 
  • LIA (internship) 30 weeks 

Be part of the reputed Futuregames legacy, join us at the SoFo-campus in House of Change; 

Develop a core competence in game development by having teachers from leading game companies teaching you the tricks of the trade. You will get access to our creative environment, including computers and relevant development software. You will be growing and building your skills together with 240 highly talented classmates and senior game developers. Take part in intense game projects together with parallel Futuregames programs (Programming, 3D Graphics and 2D Graphics) simulating professional game projects in order to reflect what you will be doing in the game industry and prepare you for a hardworking and creative career. 

This education is implemented in direct cooperation with the game industry and Futuregames board of education includes: 

King, Avalanche Studios, Dice, Fatshark, Paradox interactive, Starbreeze, Glorious Games, Uprise, Really Interactive. 

Many more supports this vocational program and about 20-30 game studios are involved in the Futuregames education every year. 

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Our overall vision for this education 

  • To create pragmatic developers with a balanced and wide perspective on the entire development process. 
  • To create developers with strong cooperative skills, who are used of working in teams. 
  • To create developers with a very hands-on and pro-active approach. Strong practical focus throughout the education. All courses are to result in a practical exercise. Learning by doing. 

The program has been designed in close collaboration with representatives from the games industry and was designed to fit the industry´s demands and requirements. The program is 90 weeks in length, spanning a two year, and the next start is in Feb 2020. 

Aims to train people for following specializations 

  • Speldesigner 
  • Spelutvecklare 
  • Level designer 
  • Gameplay designer 
  • Speltestare / Quality Assuarance 
  • Spelproducent 

After the education the students will be able to 

  • Design and analyse game experiences. 
  • Design and build levels. 
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Unity and the latest Unreal Engine. 
  • Demonstrate strong gameplay scripting skills (C# and visual scripting) 
  • Work client and customer focused. 
  • Demonstrate strong team and communication skills. 
  • Design experiences for PC games. 
  • Design for Mobil games 
  • Design in a data driven way. 
  • Understand the entire production and distribution process of games. 


The education is funded by Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskola (MYH) and is approved for financial support via CSN. 


"Att göra spel från början till slut är väldigt kul"

"Att göra spel från början till slut är väldigt kul"

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Thomas Ulfström läser Futuregames Speldesign på Changemaker Educations, en praktisk utbildning med nio månaders praktik.

– På speldesign jobbar vi med flera olika moment. Vi jobbar nästan enbart praktiskt och bygger flera levels samt lär oss scripta. Vi har även några teoretiska kurser för att få en bättre förståelse för bra gamedesign, säger Thomas.

Läs mer om Thomas studier på Futuregames Speldesign.

Changemaker Educations

Changemaker Educations

Changemaker Educations och Futuregames

Changemaker Educations och Futuregames bedriver yh-utbildningar, folkhögskoleutbildningar och kompetensutveckling för företag och organisationer. Vi driver också EU-projekt och konsultverksamhet inom bl a change management (förändringsledning), organisationsutveckling, brand management, agile, digital strategi och digital transformation. Vi har lång erfarenhet av att framgångsrikt bedriva...

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