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3 or 4 semesters
Startdatum: september 2021 - Lissabon
Masterexamen i affärsanalys

Masterexamen i affärsanalys

Master of Science in Business Analytics

The ability to extract information and derive business insights from large and complex data has become a crucial dimension in businesses and firms' competitive development. In recent years we have witnessed a rapidly growing demand for data analytics professionals with business-related knowledge.

The MSc in Business Analytics provides students with specialized and comprehensive training in data science and business analytics. Students will learn how to structure data analytics problems and use data analytics tools and techniques to design solutions for real business challenges. Beyond the acquisition of technical knowledge, the program also focuses on developing the critical skills necessary for successful leadership in organizations.

MSc in Business Analytics students will have the opportunity to access professional careers requiring an understanding of data science and the current issues in the field as well as data management and analytics skills. Students of this degree will enjoy access to a broad international network of students, faculty, and alumni, facilitating co-learning, sharing best practices, and unique networking opportunities.

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1st Semester | 2nd Semester

Business Analytics Fundamentals (Mandatory)

Analytics in Practice (Mandatory)

Business Essentials (Mandatory)


Career Accelerator Lab

International Experience (optional)

Summer Internship (optional)

3rd Semester

Thesis Project


Graduates in Business, Economics, or another Quantitative discipline that seek to improve their Business Analytics knowledge and skills in order to pursue a high level international career.

Professional experience/internship (up to 2 years), international exposure (exchange, summer school or internship abroad) and extracurricular achievements are highly valued by the Admissions Jury.

Så ansöker du

Our best advice is to apply early. Mark your calendar with the dates below to apply on time.

1st round - from January 4th to January 25th, 23:59 p.m. (GMT) - application fee 80€ 
2nd round - to be announced - application fee to be confirmed
3rd round - to be announced - application fee to be confirmed
4th round * - to be announced - application fee to be confirmed

* limited spots available

How to apply

Start your application online, provide us with your personal information, upload the mandatory documents and pay the application fee. The Admissions Jury reviews applications shortly after each application period deadline.

Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics

Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

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