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Svenska - International Swedish Course

Borgå folkakademi
SFI-utbildning (Svenska för invandrare)
9 månader

Svenska - International Swedish Course

Swedish for immigrants

Svenska – International Swedish Course

This is a study programme available for everyone wanting to learn Swedish. The course focuses on learning the Swedish language, to understand and be understood. Finnish and English language also forms a part in the course. The student will also learn about the history and culture of Finland, experiencing food, the arts, music, nature, for example.

The course will include general skills, useful when entering working life in Finland.There will be a period of work experience during the spring term which gives an opportunity to use languages and make contacts in a work environment.

Central subjects

  • Swedish language, to write, speak and understand
  • Finnish language, introduction or straightening of knowledge
  • English language, introduction or strengthening of knowledge
  • Computer skills - documents, using the Internet, imaging
  • Social studies - Introduction to the Finnish social system and history
  • Learn about the area where you live
  • Learn by doing - learn to use Swedish while participating in activities
  • Worldcafe - Use language knowledge in an informal atmosphere with other students in the school
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The application period is now open, and ends on 9.8.2021.

Examen & Intyg

For more information, contact the school.


You are entitled to CSN during the time you are studying here.

Study fee:
The studies at Svenska – International Swedish Course are free of charge if you have an integration plan with the TE-Office. The education includes lunch (Monday-Friday) and afternoon coffee (Monday-Thursday).
For students without an integration plan, the tuition fee is 100 €/month including lunch (Monday-Friday) and afternoon coffee (Monday-Thursday).

If you need accommodation you can board in the school’s dormitory connected to the school.
Cost 200 €/month in a shared double room or 260 €/month for a single room, including breakfast Monday-Friday and supper Monday-Thursday.

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